How to Compress AVI to Smaller File Size?

Outline: Just as we know, AVI videos usually in much larger file size and take much larger space. Ever wonder how to compress AVI into smaller file size as well as maintain high video quality? OK, just keep reading.

Nowadays, movies or TV shows streamed over the internet are increasingly seen in .AVI extensions, particularly for high-definition sources (1080p). But its flat body may cause trouble when viewing it back. Maybe your old CPU is impossible to watch such HD 1080p movies/videos. Or your portable gadget like HTC, Samsung Galaxy, etc has limited space to store them. Normally, you'll try some compression programs for emails or pictures like 7-zip, Xarchiver, WinRAR, WinZip etc. However, AVI file format is already highly compressed and will not benefit from further compression. What to do?

Method 1: Compress AVI by converting AVI to MP4, MOV, 3GP or other video formats

In the same video quality situation, the AVI file size is much larger than other video formats like MP4. To shrink AVI without loss of video quality, you can convert AVI to MP4, 3GP, AVI and etc. If you do not want to change the video format, you may refer to method two.

Method 2: Shrink AVI by adjusting AVI video bit rate, resolution, frame rate etc

This method helps to resize AVI files to get a good balance of quality and file size. And you may choose to compress AVI as well as keep the AVI as the output video format. You may also choose to shrink and convert AVI to other video format.

One top AVI compressor can achieve the above two methods

Luckily, this all-in-one video converter can achieve all above functions. It can convert your original AVI files to virtually all other formats with great compatibility. With its batch conversion ability and built-in editing tools, you can compress AVI files at your fingertips. Here comes a detailed instruction in Windows. With it, it can easily convert AVI to any smaller .mp4, .mov, .wmv, etc, and you can adjust AVI video bit rate, resolution, frame rate etc to make AVI smaller. 

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If you are a Mac user, just get Video Converter Ultimate for Mac, and it is now compatible with Mac OS X El Capitan.

Now let's start the AVI compression as the following steps.


Other Download:

A step-by-step guide to compress AVI files

Step 1. Load AVI files

Click "Add video", or simply drag and drop AVI file or the folder where AVI files are to the main interface of this AVI compressor to load file.

Step 2. AVI compression settings

Click the drop-down button of "Format" to choose "(*.mp4)" as output format from "Common Video" category, or other format according to your needs.

If the size of the output file still can't meet your requirement, just follow the steps as below to compress AVI files.

Click "Settings" button, then adjust the parameters of "Video Size", "Bitrate", "Frame Rate", etc to reduce AVI file size.

Step 3. Finish AVI compression

When all settings satisfied, click the big "Start Conversion" button of the program to compress AVI files like a charm. This program is very efficient in conversion and the progress bar will show the percentage and remaining time. Go to the "Open" to find the compressed AVI files after the AVI compression is completed. 

Plus: there is a promotion about the top video converter, just read the Halloween special topic.

Have more questions about how to compress AVI to Smaller File Size, please feel free to contact us>> or leave a message at Facebook.

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