How can I watch .avi on a DVD Player?

Outline: Can't play the created AVI DVD files on DVD player? So what brought this on? How to solve these issues and successfully and play AVI on DVD player? The following article will give the answer.

According to some forums, we found many people asked how to play .avi files on DVD player:

“my avi file is fine. but when i plug it to my dvd player. it displays nothing. but works fine in computer. the codecs are are also fine and installed properly.”

“Can DVD players play AVI formats? If not, what programs can I use to convert it to whatever format most DVD players accept?”

Why Can't Play AVI on DVD Player?

In fact, whether the DVD players play AVI videos or not, it depends on the DVD player model, the AVI video codec or the AVI video resolution/size, here are some few reasons:

Majority of DVD players only accept MPEG-2 in a standard VOB format. As such, they do not have the capacity to play DVDs that contain AVI. However, some of the latest DVD models have the capacity to play AVI files provided that the AVI file is further encoded with DivX: not so simple, right.

All standard DVD accept videos that conform to a certain resolution and BVOP settings. For instance, a majority of DVD players limit import to a resolution of 720 by 756 or 720 by 480. AVI video resolution is usually greater than this and as such, a majority of DVD players do not have the capacity to play AVI files.

Newer models of DVD players can be able to play AVI files on one and only one condition, the AVI file has to be further encoded with another codec such as Xvid, Divx, WMV and MPEG-1 just to name a few. As such, a pure AVI file will not be able to play on any DVD.

How to Play AVI files on DVD Player nicely?

Is there no way to enjoy AVI on DVD players if your DVD player cannot play AVI files? In fact, it is just easy to play MP4 on DVD player by the help of iFastime Video Converter Ultimate (Mac). By converting AVI, you can realize to watch the AVI on DVD player and other HD DVD player/Blu-ray Disc player with best quality.

It is the professional and ideal AVI to DVD player Converter. It can fast convert MP4 to DVD Player compatible DivX, DivX HD, MPEG-2 etc. In addition, it can also perfectly convert to DivX from all kinds of video formats like AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, Xvid, MKV, and MTS as well as convert between all popular video formats. And you can also convert AVI to other formats like MP4, MKV etc for smooth playback on some device like Samsung TV. (read review)

Free download the top video converter for Windows:


Other Download:

How to Transcode AVI to DVD player compatible formats for nice watching?

Step 1. Click "Add video" button to add your AVI video files to the program. Or directly drag the video you want to convert to the left item bar. 


Step 2. Click "Format" bar, and select DivX for playing smoothly on any DVD players. If you DVD player is old model, you can select the MPEG-2 format for your DVD player.


Tips: The default settings may not satisfy you, and you can click the "Settings" button to change the settings by yourself including video resolution, bit rate, audio sample rate, audio channel etc. for full screen playback smoothly. Or keep no changes, which is also a good choice.

Step 3. Click the "Start conversion" button on the main interface and the software will start to convert AVI to DVD player formats immediately. When the conversion finishes, click "Open" to find the converted video files. Then you can effortless transfer the video files to DVD player for playback.

Have more questions about how to play AVI on DVD player, please feel free to contact us>> or leave a message atFacebook.

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